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About OnGraviti

Connecting people

OnGraviti seeks to make your online experience that much easier. We’ve combined the most important elements from social media connecting, to business networking, in just one place. Now with just a few taps, you can swap between different profiles in one consolidated app, saving you time, money, and frustration along the way.

OnGraviti contains 5 different platforms therein: My World, Dating, Social, Roommate Finder (coming soon), and Business. Therefore, you can gather business leads, date, find roommates, connect with friends and family, have followers/grow a fan base if your profile is set to public, and do everything you could ever want to do in just one app. With private and public profiles, you can keep your dating information completely separate from the professional side of the app, and vice versa. Best of all OnGraviti is Completely AD FREE!


It’s your all-in-one solution you never knew you needed.

My World

Like, comment, and share posts, photos, and text much like you would on any social media site. With OnGraviti, this social media app is completely ad-free, which means you can finally enjoy social media engagement again.


Create a private profile that you can use to chat, date, and connect with other likeminded people. All information is kept secret and encrypted from your other OnGraviti profiles. Watch a users video bio before swiping.


Connect with people based on likes, dislikes, and interests, as you create your own online community. Meet friends, make groups, schedule events, and build a family right through our app.


Lastly, welcome to a new business app that is more intuitive than LinkedIn. Hire talent, connect with managers, and grow your business in this ad-free experience that makes it easier for everyone to get what they want at the end of the day.

We’re your new social media option. If you’re tired of the paid-for ads on social media, having to buy advertising to get your business out there, and sifting through failed dating apps that are based on nothing but looks, we’ve created a multipurpose solution with OnGraviti.

Change your life with just one app, available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

“OnGraviti is positioned to be the app where ‘everything is possible,’ initially focusing on all the essential social needs and networking tools to make business connections and grow friendships,”

- Monsaur Othman


Join the community now

OnGraviti aims to be the app where "Everything is possible”. More features are coming soon, so join us and enjoy the ride.

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